How to file a DMCA Notice (removal request)

Every effort is made to keep this website free from copyrighted material.

Many of the images, videos and other data that is displayed on this website are not hosted on our servers and were not uploaded by us. We sometimes link to material/content uploaded by others on external websites, assuming the uploader has permission to upload and share the content, or that it is in the public domain, royalty free or under a creative commons license.

If you’ve found your copyrighted works or material posted on our website, firstly ENSURE that it’s actually HOSTED on our website. If it’s not, you need to contact the website where the file resides (ie. youtube or flickr) and ask them to remove the content. If it is hosted on our servers, we shall remove any such content within 3 business days as long as the following conditions are met:

1. You notify us by email, filing a correctly formatted DMCA notice

Email your DMCA notice to: info(at)snookerplayers(dot)org(dot)uk
Ensure your email subject line is: “DMCA Removal Request”
Make your email for the attention of: “The Copyright Agent”

2. You are, or represent, the owner of the material in question

3. You SPECIFICALLY IDENTIFY the URL on OUR website which contains your copyrighted
works or material (provide us with a precise link to the file, and the page it appears on)

4. You provide us with your contact information, including an email address

5. You are polite and respectful when you communicate with us.

Allow up to 3 Business Days for a reply and content removal.